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"E. Fermi" - Bologna

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"Liceo Scientifico" E. Fermi:

We consider our school and pupils in the wider perspective of the family, the city and surrounding area. A welcoming environment, promoting dialogue but with professional rigour, the whole inserted into a context of European and international culture.

Our school has been active for over 40 years in promoting a high standard of professional and personal development of the pupils attending it, not only at a local level but also at an international one.
As our society is evolving ever more quickly in the economic, cultural and social fields, the challenge we face is to work towards a successful introduction of our pupils into working life together with the acquisition of a rounded personality and a rich cultural background. In this framework, teaching requires an open-minded and active role, suitable for the increasing flexibility of job requirements and various socio-cultural experiences.
Therefore it has become more and more important for schools, pupils, their families and local authorities to work together towards a common goal: achieving high levels of competence in the various subjects but especially developing skills that are useful to deal effectively with future inevitable changes.

With these aims, "Liceo Scientifico" E. Fermi has opted for a wide range of curricula, underwritten by the "National Evaluation Projects" of the Ministry of Education involving the study of two foreign languages, new technologies, science, be it natural science, physics or mathematics, the study of European culture, together with the standard subjects of a "Liceo Scientifico". These subjects aim to train pupils in the fundamental skills of communication, informatics, pursuing a scientific method and acquiring both a scientific as well as a European culture.
The integration of the above-mentioned skills with humanistic ones results in a high level of flexibility in a variety of fields, from university to the working world.

Our primary aim is to promote a high standard of competence matched by the necessary flexibility, an indispensable requirement in our times. To take into account the more general aspects of a pupil's education, we offer a wide choice of extracurricular activities (a number of sports, drama, creative writing, foreign language courses, scientific lectures in English as well as in Italian). A team of teachers and psychologists is available if need be.

We like to subject our achievements to external evaluation such as the "National Evaluation Tests" of the Ministry of Education. In addition, various groups of pupils decide every year to take part in the "Scientific Olympiad" (for Mathematics, Physics or Informatics) and in internationally recognized foreign language examinations (such as the British Council - University of Cambridge First Certificate) with positive results; at the end of their school careers our pupils undertake tests devised by certain university departments to verify their suitability to follow a course at that university or entry examinations to selective universities.
Several of our teachers also work as "tutors" to junior teachers, in collaboration with the University of Bologna and our school is the Test Centre for ECDL ("European Computing Licence").

Our school is not only open to ideas and contributions but also physically, from 7.30 a.m. to 7 p.m., (to 2.30 p.m. on Saturday) to our pupils, who are its vital centre and its natural protagonists.

The Headmistress
Elviana Amati